Contributor in When the Rules Aren't Right

Contributor in Power and Magic Anthology

Contributor in Elements Anthology 

Contributor in Ink Magazine 

Illustrator for Middle Grade Graphic novel by Avenue A 

Illustrator of animated models for Vox Media 

Magical Girl Problems, Magical Girl Solutions - Webcomic

Veronica Agarwal is a Cartoonist and Illustrator from NYC. She graduated from SVA in May 2016 with a BFA in Cartooning! She loves plants, summertime, and dogs! 

She's available for commission work, assistant work, or freelance. Feel free to get in touch with her at Wisbaemail@gmail.com, or with her agent, Susan Graham at sgraham@einsteinliterary.com


Veronica Agarwal: Wisbaemail@gmail.com

Susan Graham (Einstein Literary. ) : sgraham@einsteinliterary.com

Twitter: Anuanew

Tumblr: Wisba